Wedding Dresses at Dubai Mall

Wedding Dresses at Dubai Mall

Are you looking for a wedding dress in Dubai? Although we have a full section in Dubai's Directory on Wedding Dresses in Dubai here, on this website, but we have made it a bit easier on you by compiling several lists of wedding dress boutiques in Dubai grouped by geographical location, including Wedding Dresses at Dubai Mall. 

You will find lists for Wedding Dresses on Wasl Road, in Dubai Design District, as well as, in Jumeirah Lake Towers, in addition to a list of the The Top 9 Bridal Shops in Dubai

In Dubai Mall the range of wedding dresses that you will find is rather limited. There are, however, a few boutiques where you will be able to find a wedding gown at, here are they: 


Pronovias is one of the world’s most renowned bridal and evening wear brands. Nowadays, Pronovias dresses brides in more than 90 countries and has become the world’s leader in bridal gowns, operating in more than 105 countries with 155 stores and more than 4,300 points of sale. You will find Pronovias at Dubai Mall on the First Floor, parking in Fashion parking

Pronovias is located on the first floor of Dubai Mall. The store offers unique bridal and evening gowns to suit all tastes and styles.

Pronovias 2019

Cocoon Trend

Cocoon Trend is primarily an evening wear boutique in Dubai Mall, but occasionally they carry wedding dresses from different designers and manufacturers. 

With its exquisite construction and special stitches but also the other apparel lines become unique garments in terms of style and sophistication.

Cocoon Trend

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Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is an upmarket French department store chain that has its flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. It now operates in a number of other locations in France and other countries including the UAE. In Dubai, Galeries Lafayette has a large Department Store in Dubai Mall (the largest department store in Dubai) which carries many brands from around the world.  

Galeries Lafayette has a limited line of wedding dresses from some designers around the world including the Turkish fashion designer Tarik Ediz. You will also be able to create your wedding registry from Galeries Lafayette with numerous products for your home, fashion or beauty treatments. 

Tarik Ediz wedding dress in Dubai Mall

Elie Saab 

While Elie Saab's boutique at Dubai Mall is primarily for evening wear, you will be able to discuss your wedding dress needs at the boutique with their professionally trained staff. 

Elie Saab at Dubai Mall

Saiid Kobeisy 

With cascading silhouettes, dynamic cuts and elegant handcrafted touches, Saiid Kobeisy gives expression to every facet of the modern-day woman, from her fearless ambition and passion, to her riveting charm and strength.Weaving in inspiration from faraway cultures, the house’s works are a striking mélange of opposites, where the modern meets the classic, the sensual softens the bold, and the unexpected twist makes a lasting impression.The brand’s hypnotic and ethereal creations have seduced women the world over, landing in more than 35 countries. Their global appeal is a testament to Saiid Kobeisy’s innate flair for beauty and creativity, which he has devoted himself to since the age of 15.

Saiid Kobeisy