Your Engagement Dress Inspired by Carole Samaha

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Your Engagement Dress Inspired by Carole Samaha

We shared earlier some makeup and hairdos of the beautiful and talented Carole Samaha! Read:  Your Bridal Beauty Inspiration: Carole Samaha

But Lebanese diva Carole Samaha is also known for her elegant dresses; she loves wearing elegant pieces with a touch of glamour. We see Carole in a lot of dresses with sparkles and sequins.

The Lebanese beauty also loves hugging figure dresses to show off her fit body, we have also seen her in many strapless dresses which look great on her as she has fit arms and shoulders.

Here are some of our favorite dresses worn by Carole Samaha to give you some inspiration for your engagement look:

Click to listen to Carole Samaha's songs and choose your favorite for your wedding!