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6 Things Not To Tell Your Wedding Florist

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6 Things Not To Tell Your Wedding Florist

Your wedding florist is one of the most important wedding vendors you need to agree on and get along with as well.

There many questions you should ask your florist before booking them, but what are the things you SHOULDN’T say to him or her?

Here are 6 things you should never say to your wedding florist:

1. “I want this (very expensive) flower but I have a very small budget”: Your florist can’t help you out when it comes to the pricings of flowers; they can give you cheaper alternatives if you keep an open mind.

2. “My wedding is in 5 days”: As we said before, the wedding florist is one of your most important wedding vendors so make sure you book him or her as early as possible.

3. “I know we have only 2 days for the wedding but I want to change the entire color and theme”: Not only will your florist refuse your last minute change of mind, but if he/she ever agrees and manages to do so, it will cost you double.

4. “Can you do this (fancy and over the top) centerpiece for (a small budget)”: The answer will be no.

5. “Is there anyone who will stay at the wedding and look after the flowers?”: Once the flowers and centerpieces are all set up at your venue you will not need a person watching over them.

6. “I have 100 pictures for centerpieces I love to give you inspiration”: Stick to 1 or 2 ideas maximum and then discuss them with your wedding florist.