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6 Tips to Maximize Your Wedding Flower Budget

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6 Tips to Maximize Your Wedding Flower Budget

Sticking to your wedding budget can be challenging with all the budget items that you have to take care of including your wedding flowers.

Here are 6 tips that will help you get the best results while sticking to your wedding budget:

  • Holidays Affect Prices:

Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or religious holidays, the demand on flowers increases during these special occasions and so does their costs.  So avoid holiday seasons when you are selecting your wedding date, if you can. 

  • Add Greenery:

Add some greenery and foliage to your flower arrangements to make them look lush; you'll find it's less expensive than flowers.

  • Keep it Simple:

Elaborate arrangements mean more of your money is going for the florist's labor than for the flowers themselves, so keep the design less complicated.

  • Go Local:

Using locally produced flowers is better than imported flowers from an environmental aspect. On top, they are normally less expensive, particularly if you buy in-season flowers. 

  • Super Size:

Choose larger flowers for your bouquets, as you'll need fewer of them and they take less time to arrange. This reduces labor costs and overall flower costs.

  • Get Creative:

Fill in empty table spots with votives or small potted plants that can also be used as wedding favors. Use seasonal fruits and vegetable, mix with candles and get creative. 


Adapted from: Bridal Guide