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7 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

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7 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid


Flowers are one of the most important details of almost any wedding; and as you plan your big day, you want to make sure you get it just right. Here are some common flower mistakes you shouldn’t make.


1. Not Getting to Know Your Florist:

To make sure that your florist knows exactly what you want on your big day, you have to interview them in advance, and ask them the right questions. You should also ask around for references and recommendations. A good florist should be able to help you see the big picture of your wedding, give you ideas, and take your budget into consideration. Check our article on choosing your wedding florist.


2. Forgetting to Do Your Homework:

Before visiting your florist, you should have an idea of what you want for your wedding flowers. It would really help if you bring pictures from magazines or the internet of arrangements you like and also have a theme or a color concept in mind, so your florist knows exactly what you want.


3. Not Booking Your Florist in Advance:

You should definitely check florists as soon as you book your wedding venue. Booking in advance will help you and your florist prepare for your big day.


4. Not Compromising:

Remember, your florist knows more than you do. They know which flowers are in season, what is grown locally, what goes and what doesn’t, and if the flowers you chose are right for the venue.


5. Limiting Yourself:

Not a flower fan?  Don't worry! You can still make your wedding look elegant by using flower alternatives, such as foliage, twigs, candles, fruits and vegetables. Be creative and don’t limit yourself to just one color or design.


6. Neglecting Logistics:

Make sure you provide your florist with the correct address and time to deliver the flowers to. Be careful regarding delivery times. You don’t want your flowers to wilt, if they were delivered too early, particularly on a warm day, or too late where the florists stress you out with last minute preparations. Ask the florists to spray the flowers with water for a prolonged fresh look. 


7. Forgetting About Allergies:

A bride should always be considerate to those around her, especially her groom. The one thing you should avoid on your wedding day is allergy. Ask your groom if he is allergic to any kind of flowers and you might want to ask yourself the same question, you don't want to be sneezing and irritated on your wedding day. And you definitely don’t want a red nose on the biggest day of your life!

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