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Billy Balls: A Fun Addition to Your Wedding Decoration

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Billy Balls: A Fun Addition to Your Wedding Decoration

Billy Balls, also known as Craspedia or Billy Buttons, are very popular this season!

They are beautiful yellow flowers that add fun, color and vibrancy to your wedding. Billy balls have long stems and are round shaped, that's why they are so easy to work with and arrange.

Here are some ideas of how and where to use them:

Brides are adding them to their flower bouquets.

wedding flowers


Or placing them as centerpieces, and combining them with other types of flowers.


As it is nicer to have your wedding in one theme or color scheme, make sure to add a few of these flowers as decorations, if you are opting for a yellow color scheme, particularly in the spring. 

wedding flowers


Yes, you can even have them on your wedding cake too!


We haven't forgotten the groom, adding one or two billy balls as boutonnières is quite elegant.


*If you read our article on Citrus wedding theme, these flowers are great to add to your citrus theme!