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The Latest 2018 Bridal Bouquet Trends

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The Latest 2018 Bridal Bouquet Trends

Brides planning to get married in 2018, we have some of the most beautiful wedding bouquet trends for you.

If these bridal bouquets will be trending in 2018 then you are one lucky bride because they are simply stunning. These trends come along with the latest wedding trends in 2018, and what brides are  preffering to hold at their weddings.

Choose your favorite bridal bouquet in 2018 or combine 2 trends and make it even more personalised for your wedding day.

Here are some 2018 bridal bouquet trends we love:

Bold Colors: Bold colors will be making a come back in 2018, since 2015 brides were choosing a lighter color palette, but in 2018 things are about to change. Ultra violet bridal bouquet anyone? Include the color of 2018 in your bridal look by choosing a bold colored bouquet in ultra violet!


Oversized Bouquets: It looks like not only bold colors are trending in 2018 but also bold arrangements. Oversized bridal bouquets are going to be BIG in 2018.


Woodsy Bouquets: Woodsy is the new rustic! Which includes a lot of greenery in the florals and green as the main color of the bouquet.


Copper Accents: Add a touch of copper and bronze to your bridal bouquet to bring some warmth and richness to your bouquet.