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Top 6 Wedding Florists in Jeddah

Top 6 Wedding Florists in Jeddah

If you're getting in married in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, then you're one lucky bride. Why?

Because Jeddah has some of the best wedding suppliers whi can meet all your wedding needs.

We made some research to bring you a list of the top wedding florists in Jeddah.

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Now what about your wedding flowers? Check out some of the best wedding florists in Jeddah right here:

Abdulaziz Alnoman has established a strong impact and a well respected reputation in the floral design industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is hired by elites, celebrities and royals, due to his unique designs and signature of elegance which has put him on top of the list of the most sought after floral designers.


​​Baylisan Flower has a huge collection of florals and blooms to select from for your wedding. They also help design your wedding Kosha and other flower details if needed. Baylisan Flower also offers unique gift wrapping services for any occasion.


Alwan Flowers is considered to be one of Jeddah's top flower destination since 1975. Alwan offers design and implementation of custom wedding platforms, centerpieces, bridal bouquets, and flower arrangements for all other special events. 


Located in Al Safa, Rawah is one of the popular flower shops in Jeddah. It offers a wide variety of flowers and can create any design a bride is dreaming of for her wedding. Rawah also offers Kosha designs done by a professional team of florists.


Grass  Floral is an event design and management company that provides its clients total planning resources which include the following services: Organizing the big day, table set up, floral arrangements and decorations, lighting design and audio system operations.


Peonies Events understands that brides want a legendary night, they have a professional team who listens to the ideas and wishes of the bride, and integrate those wishes with high expertise and capabilities creating a memorable occasion. Peonies Events will also help you in terms of site selection and the design elements for your Kosha and every detail no matter how small.