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5 Small Diet Trick for Weight Loss

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5 Small Diet Trick for Weight Loss

If you want to lose some weight before your wedding day, but can’t handle a strict diet, we bring you a few trick that can help you lose those few extra kilos.

Water and Lemon: Drinking up to 3 Liters of water and lemon can help in detoxing your body and liver, and speed up your metabolism.

Eat Salad on a Daily Basis: Eating salad everyday for lunch can cut a lot from your calorie intake you can add grilled meat, chicken, or fish for some protein.

Vegetable Juice: Not only does drinking your vegetables give you energy it also keeps you full.

No Diet Food: Trying to lose weight does not mean you need to buy foods that are branded for weight loss, instead choose foods for their nutritional values and health benefits.

Munch on Almonds: Eating 20-25 almonds a day as a snack will keep your blood sugar stable and make you feel full during the day.