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6 Dieting Myths You Should Know

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6 Dieting Myths You Should Know

Need to get in shape and lose some weight before your big day? Read these 6 dieting myths before you start this crazy detox your friends are telling you about!


Diet Myth #1

Low fat or no fat diets are good for you.

Fact: The body needs fat for energy, tissue repair and to transport vitamins A, D, E and K around the body. You should have a third of your calories coming from fat! Women need 70g of fat a day (95g for men) with 30g as the minimum (40g for men).


Diet Myth #2

Honey is less fattening than sugar.

Fact: A tablespoon of honey has 61 calories, while a tablespoon of sugar has 46 calories!


Diet Myth #3

Eating some fruits such as a slice of watermelon is as good for you as drinking a glass of water.

Fact: No fluid or food can take the place of H2O! Yes, even if it's 95% water like watermelon.


Diet Myth #4

Food eaten late at night is more fattening.

Fact: Many diets tell you not to eat after a certain time in the evening. They say the body will store more fat because it is not burned off with any activity. It's not when you eat that's important, but the total amount you consume in a 24-hour period.


Diet Myth #5

Carbohydrates are fattening.

Fact: Let's make this clear once and for all, carbs themselves are not fattening. It's what you eat with them that makes you gain weight, like cream spread, sauces or butter. Carbs are actually important for a healthy diet.


Diet Myth #6

Quitting smoking will make you gain weight.

Fact: While nicotine does increase the body's metabolism, its effect is small. It's far healthier to be an overweight non-smoker than not bother giving up because you think you'll put on weight.