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The Best Diet Tips From Kate Hudson

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The Best Diet Tips From Kate Hudson

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is one of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood; she has an amazing body and is very fit and healthy. 

If you're thinking of changing your lifestyle to a healthier one, follow what Kate Hudson does:  

  • She Loves Green Juices and Protein Shakes:

Kate Hudson usually has her coffee in the morning along with a green juice, and after she works out she has a protein shake.

  • She Exercises:

Kate's workouts vary from cycling and running, to Pilates.

  • She's On a High-Alkaline Diet:

Kate tries to avoid acidic foods and she gets most of her calories from tofu, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

She avoids meat and dairy products as much as possible, and prefers gluten-free food.

  • She Has 5 Small Meals Every Day:

Kate has 5 small meals a day to keep her feeling full all the time, she also prefers vegetarian meals.

  • She Treats Herself:

Kate doesn't always stick to her healthy routine, if she is going out to a restaurant and wants to have fun, she enjoys a pizza or macaroni and cheese.