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Bride-to-be Stress Relief Tips from Around the World

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Bride-to-be Stress Relief Tips from Around the World

As a bride-to-be, you’re most likely inclined to feel stressed and worried about your wedding and all the planning issues that come along with it.

So we decided to give you tips from around the world to help you distress.Here are some de-stressing techniques used across the globe:

Russia: The hot sauna called “Banya” is the go-to place when Russians are stressed. The heat will make you sweat and relax. Can’t make it to the sauna? Take a hot shower for 10 minutes to lift your mood.

Denmark: Create a “Hygge”, which means a cozy atmosphere, and being happy without anyone being in a rush. So entertain your guests without worrying too much. Don’t stress over every detail, as this can be very overwhelming.

Turkey: We are all familiar with the “Turkish Bath”, take your close friends, mother, or sister and enjoy a relaxing day at a Turkish Bath near you. You can search for Turkish baths and spas through our online directory of wedding suppliers.

Sweden: Swedish people enjoy “Fika”, which means Coffee Break. Take a coffee break with your close friends and unwind.

Thailand: Known for its magical massages and treatments, a Thai massage can help you relax and distress. Massages help release serotonin, which is a natural antidepressant.You can also search for spas that may offer Thai massages through our directory.

Argentina: Argentineans drink mate, a hot herbal drink. They also love sharing their food and passing it on from one friend to another, as it helps them bond. So invite your friends over and enjoy their company with a few delicious treats.

China: Chinese women enjoy “Zu Yu”, they soak their feet in hot water before going to bed. We recommend you add some salt and baking soda, which will help treat swollen feet.