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Crazy Weight Loss Tricks that Might Work For You

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Crazy Weight Loss Tricks that Might Work For You

Every now and then some crazy diet trend takes over the world; some will swear by it others will say it’s a waste of time.

But here are some weird diet tricks that may actually work for you:

The Shangri-La Diet: Drink  1 to 3 tablespoons of sugar water and/or 1 to 2 tablespoons of extra-light (not virgin) olive oil twice daily between meals. This will curb your appetite and  lower your body’s set point (the weight at which it naturally wants to settle).

Cake for Breakfast: Scientists theorize that allowing yourself a treat in the morning helps curb your cravings for sweets later in the day. Dare to try out?

Eating Sweets While Cooking: If you tend to taste, sip, nibble while cooking, you can gain a lot of extra calories without noticing. So to stop this tasting urge, some experts recommend sucking on a hard candy while you cook. It will keep your taste buds busy.