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Foods That Promote Hair Growth

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Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Following an unhealthy diet and eating habits can really damage our hair from the inside.
Some brides have very thin hair and suffer from hair loss.Thinning hair is never a good sign, and since good nutrition is crucial for healthy hair, we always look for the best health tips to help you out.

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There are many foods that can help with hair growth,here are a few:

Beans and Lentils: Both rich in protein, these are exactly what thin hair needs! Since our hair is made out of Keratin (a type of protein), beans and lentils provide your hair with great nutrients.

Seafood: Rich in Zinc, seafood helps strengthen the hair and also help with its growth.

Mushrooms: Rich source of Zinc, they help lockin the moisture.

Nuts: Rich in Magnesium, Vitamin B, Zinc, Iron and Omega 3, nuts all speed the hair growth process.

Fruits: Rich with vitamins and minerals, fruits are great for your skin and hair.Eating fruits will make your hair more strong and luscious.