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Foods to Eat on The Morning of Your Wedding

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Foods to Eat on The Morning of Your Wedding

Every bride, no matter how healthy or how fit she is, has to work on herself more a few months before her wedding.

Eating healthy and working out is a must during the wedding planning process, but don’t ruin it by eating the wrong foods on your wedding day, or even worse, not eating at all!

Now that your wedding day is here, what should you eat to help you go through the day but at the same time not make you feel bloated or super full?

Your breakfast is a MUST on your wedding day, so here is what you should eat on your big day:

  • Protein: Scrambled eggs is a quick breakfast that will keep you full throughout the day.
  • Switch Coffee with Herbal Tea: Avoid staining your white teeth and drink some herbal tea on the morning of your wedding, it will keep you and your stomach calm.
  • Don’t experiment: Your wedding day is the last day you want to try new food in! You don’t want to end up with a stomach ache trying to fake a smile; you also don’t want any surprise allergic reactions.