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How to Stay Motivated and Lose Weight for Your Wedding

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How to Stay Motivated and Lose Weight for Your Wedding

It’s always easier to start a diet or weight loss program than staying motivated and sticking to it.

You can find yourself excited in the first couple of weeks or months, until you start losing interest and get bored with your diet routine.

As a bride you might think that the wedding itself should be a motivation, but brides can get stressed out about their wedding planning, and this will make them stressed out about their diet as well.

But here are some easy and simple tips to help you stay motivated until you reach your goal:

  • Set Weekly Goals: Set one small goal every week, for example this week you want to lose 1-2 kgs, the next week your goal might be to lose a few inches from your belly size. Setting a big and long term goal can often be overwhelming and make you feel bad if you don’t reach it.
  • Set Weekly Prizes: Once you decide on your goal for the week, decide on a way to treat yourself once you finish the week, like manicure and pedicure, some chocolate or ice cream, this way you will look forward for the week to end and for you to reach your goal.
  • Daydream: Yes! Daydreaming about how you will look in your beautiful wedding dress will make the image of you looking fit and beautiful stick in your head, you can also keep images on your phone that will remind you how you want to look on your big day.