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How Your Diet Can Ruin Your Metabolism

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How Your Diet Can Ruin Your Metabolism

Dear brides-to-be, are you sticking with your diet plan? Are you working out at the gym like crazy but you don’t see any change? We know why! Your diet might be slowing down your metabolism.

Here are a few diet mistakes that might be slowing your metabolism:

Cleansing:  Cleansing will help you lose weight quickly, but most of that’s water. When body starts consuming too few calories it will break down muscle tissue Not only will you gain all the weight you lost once you start eating again it, but it will also ruin your metabolism.

Not eating enough protein: Many women think dieting means cutting out your protein intake, but protein is rich in amino acids which is needed to build muscles.

Diet soda: Diet soda has fake sweeteners, so the receptors in your brain will anticipate getting calories from sugar; so your body releases the fat-storage hormone insulin. Which means artificial sweeteners stimulate the same hormonal responses of real sugar, which does not help in losing weight.

Eating less: Eating less can make you lose weight, but it will also damage your metabolism. As you starve yourself, your body will go into fight mode, where it will start holding on to the calories it already has. So eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to keep you full and speed your metabolism.