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More of This, Less of That!

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More of This, Less of That!

One of the major concerns of a bride-to-be once you set your wedding date is to look flawlessly beautiful and healthy for the special day! However while makeup and bridal accessories are required, if you focus on enhancing your natural beauty by following some natural remedies, that will definitely “add icing to the cake” so to speak!

Here are some simple health tips to help you glow:  

More of:


  • Massages

    Treat yourself to an hour of indulgence and relaxation! It will help lessen lower back pain, anxiety and cramps while enhancing your mood, flexibility, tissue regeneration and blood circulation.


  • Nuts

Research shows that people who eat nuts tend to weight less than those who don’t. They are filling due to their high protein and fiber content which means they could leave you full for a couple of hours after eating them! They also contain lots of minerals needed for immunity and energy production.   


  • Fish Oil

The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may relax you. It also increases focus, improves the appearance of skin, stabilizes the mood and reduces post-partum depression if taken before and throughout pregnancy.  


  • Whole Wheat Bread

Unlike white bread, whole wheat bread retains all its original grains, meaning all its nutrients are still intact. It is high in fiber, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Chromium and Folate (a mineral that aids in healthier pregnancies). These minerals provide vast health benefits. 


  • Green Tea

Its health benefits are limitless, but to name a few; it helps suppress the appetite, beneficial for oral hygiene, promotes weight loss, lowers cholesterol and amplifies immunity.  


Less of:


  • Staying Up Late

Your body needs enough rest to maintain good health and mental and emotional well-being. Not sleeping enough can lead to weight gain, diabetes and lowered immunity. During a stressful time like planning a wedding, lack of sleep can also lead to hypertension.


  • Eating on the Run

Having a busy life means you may not always find the time to sit down to eat. The challenge with doing so is that you won’t have a chance to pay attention to what you are eating. Eating quickly makes it easier to eat more. Make it a point to make time for healthy eating, and remember to chew your food slowly!  


  • Emotional Eating

Many people use food to relieve stress. After a long day of running around, eating a heavy meal may sound like an attractive option. However, try to find ways to relax yourself that don’t involve food, like meditating or exercising.



Yours in Health,

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