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Revolutionize Your Figure: Pedal Your Bike off to a Better Body!

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Revolutionize Your Figure: Pedal Your Bike off to a Better Body!

Remember the days when exercising wasn’t a chore? When you were a kid and you’d hop on a bike not as a means to burn off last night’s pizza, but simply to have fun?

If you reminisce about such thoughts but find yourself unable to cycle outdoors, whether the reason being nasty weather, or a fear of speeding cars, don’t stress; you can take the inside track instead!

The concept of indoor cycling has been invented as a safer means to a biking workout and many women nowadays are enjoying those childhood memories through these classes. So, what’s the scoop on indoor cycling?

As a result of high-tech inventions in the fitness industry and exciting class structures, indoor cycling programs such as Revolution®, Spinning® and Schwinn® Cycling have been named by the American College of Sports Medicine as one of the top fitness trends for women; with an average of more than 5.4 million participants!

Classes are normally 60-minutes long, during which you will experience matching real-life biking principles, such as riding over hills, sprinting across smooth grounds and racing against friends and other participants!

The attraction? Being one of the best fat-blasting, muscle-toning exercises, you can burn an average of 700 calories per class! It’s also fun and easily accessible regardless of your fitness level or experience with cycling. As well as feeling good during the class, you feel better and less shattered after, why? Because cycling is a low-impact exercise, meaning your hips and knees are strengthened, not stressed, in comparison to a high impact exercise, such as running.

Statistics show that on average, cyclists live two years longer than non-bikers and take 15 percent fewer sick days. When women slim down and achieve the toned thighs and carved calves they want while doing an activity that is fun, social and promotes a longer, healthier life they don’t want to quit. Moreover, when a wife or mother feels good about herself she can take better care of her family, which is what we like to call the Domino Effect. Therefore, why not rekindle your childhood memories and make cycling your new best friend?

So, what happens in an indoor cycling class? Close your eyes and imagine a studio filled with bikes lined up next to each other, the room lights on low, the disco lights on high, energetic music that matches your pace filling the air, and an instructor on a leading bike guiding you through the various intensities of your figure revolution!

Yours in Health,

G.X Gym