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Top 3 Physique 57 Arm Exercises to Give You Gorgeous Lean and Toned Arms For Your Wedding Day

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Top 3 Physique 57 Arm Exercises to Give You Gorgeous Lean and Toned Arms For Your Wedding Day

Physique 57 Dubai has single-handedly taken the fitness industry in the UAE by storm. And not Physique 57 is sharing their best fitness tips to the beautiful Arab brides to help them get fit and toned for their wedding day.

Physique 57 takes the best of interval training and turns up the volume. 

If you want toned and lean arms to show off on your wedding day, but don't know how to get those results? Physique 57 share their top 3 exercises to give you lean and toned arms for your big day.

Here are the top 3 exercises you can easily do anytime and anywhere:

  • Tricep Push-ups



Works: Triceps, Shoulders, upper back muscles

Repeats: 20

 Set-Up and Execution: Set up your hands directly under your shoulders with knees on the ground in a long diagonal away from your shoulders. Keep both legs zipped together with heels close to your seat in order to shift weight off your knees. Bend both elbows directly by your sides while lowering your chest in the long diagonal from your knees.  Try to keep your shoulders down and collars bones wide to maintain strong posture and work your upper back muscles.

Benefits: Triceps, shoulders, and upper back

  • Bicep Curls in a W


Works: Biceps, posture muscles

Repeats:10 complete sets

Set-up and Execution: Start with a set of 5-pound weights. Once these start to feel light, try using 8-pound weights.  Stand with both feet start hip-distance apart and keep your knees soft and your posture strong.  Hold the weights at shoulder level with your palms facing one other, and your elbows close to your body. Move both hands down and then up- in a “W” with your palms facing out. Do the same in reverse finishing at the starting position. Try to keep the shoulders still and the abs in tight to support your back.

Benefits: Sculpted biceps and forearms, improved posture

  • Tricep Can-Can


Works: Triceps, with added core work

Repeats: 10-15 kicks each leg

Set-Up and Execution: Start in a seated position with your legs bent in front of you, feet on the floor, hands by your sides and fingers facing forward. Lift your seat off the floor. Bend your elbows, and bring your right knee into your chest. As you straighten your arms, straighten your right leg. Bend your elbows and bend right knee again. Keep on bending and straightening your elbows and leg. Repeat this can-can 10-15 times and then switch legs.

Benefits: Triceps, upper back, increased hamstring flexibility

Contributor: Physique 57

What happens when you blend a barre-based workout with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery? The Physique 57 workout – where arms, thighs, seat and abs get sculpted in the form of long, lean, gorgeous muscles. Simply said, Physique 57 takes the best of interval training and turns up the volume.