What You Need To Know About Pregnancy After Thirty

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What You Need To Know About Pregnancy After Thirty

Wrong ideas and conception about marriage after 30 tend to circulate in Arab communities in the Middle East.

Society’s views and opinions have a huge impact on people’s personal lives.

It is very common that the idea of marriage after 30, for females in particular, is risky in the Middle East.

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There are many wrong concepts about marriage after 30, and here are the most common ones:

  • Pregnancy After 30 is Risky: As women get older their eggs decrease, but they don’t disappear all at once, so it is very normal and not concerning for a woman to get pregnant at 30.
  • Men Can Have Healthy Children at Any Age: Men are affected by age exactly like women, a study showed that men who have children after 40 increase the risk of having children with ADHD.
  • You Can’t Get Pregnant If You’re Breastfeeding: Although a woman does not ovulate while breastfeeding, it is not rare for women to get pregnant while breastfeeding their child. Breastfeeding a child for a long time causes the body to get used to it, allowing the renewal of ovulation and therefore gives women the chance of getting pregnant again.
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