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Women Gain More Weight Than Men After Marriage - Study

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Women Gain More Weight Than Men After Marriage  - Study

Marriage is a life-changing event, the effects of which are evident in several ways including the bathroom scale!

According to a new study released in August 2011, researchers from Ohio State University found that women tend to gain more weight than men after marriage. Researchers looked at survey data from a nationally representative sample of more than 10,000 men and women in the US who were 14 to 22 years old when the survey began in 1979. The participants were questioned every year until 1994, and then every other year afterward.

Scientists found interesting gender differences when they focused on the two-year mark after a marriage. Although both men and women who married tended to gain weight compared with their counterparts who stayed single, women gained more weight than men.

Following marriage, the researchers suggest, wives may encourage their husbands to adopt a healthier lifestyle, helping men maintain their weight or even lose a few excess pounds. Women, on the other hand, may tend to eat more and exercise less after getting married and starting a family because of the stresses of child bearing and maintaining a household.

The effects were strongest among those who were 30 or older at the time they got married. Younger people didn't show as consistent a pattern in weight gain or loss after marriage.