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3 Tips For a Perfect Mini Moon

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3 Tips For a Perfect Mini Moon

Many couples choose to have a short honeymoon, or what's known as a mini moon, for several personal reasons.

A honeymoon doesn't have to be a very long one, if you're planning on having a mini moon for whatever reason you have, be it work engagements, financials or family matters, there are a few things to take into consideration that will help you make the most out of this experience and enjoy your mini moon more.

For a great and romantic mini moon follow these 3 rules:

  • Upgrade: Although you're staying at your hotel for a short period of time, consider upgrading your room, as every moment of your mini moon counts, so why spend it at a normal hotel room? 


  • Unique Experiences: A short honeymoon doesn't mean you can't have unique experiences and enjoy different activities. Make the most out of your stay and book in advance activities that you would like to try out or places you would like to visit. The more unique the activities you do and places you visit are, the more unique your mini moon will be.


  • Choose The Right Destination: If you're planning your mini moon, then make sure you choose a destination near you to cut down on the time you spend flying to your destination.