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4 Fairytale Places to Visit on Your Honeymoon

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4 Fairytale Places to Visit on Your Honeymoon

If you have always fell in love with fairytales, and love to experience what it’s like to be in a castle, we have some amazing and magical locations you can visit with your loved one.

Imagine walking with your partner in the gardens and halls of those magical castles, experiencing the life of royalty.

What could be more romantic or magical than spending your honeymoon in such beautiful and magical places?  Plus, your honeymoon will be very unique, most brides and grooms choose the popular honeymoon destinations, but this idea is innovative and fun!

Here are 4 magical fairytale castles you should visit while on your honeymoon:

Neuschwanstein Castle: Bavaria, Germany


Casa Batllo: Barcelona, Spain


Las Lajas Sanctuary: Pasto, Colombia


National Palace of Pena: Sintra, Portugal