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8 Tips For A Perfect and Dreamy Honeymoon

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8 Tips For A Perfect and Dreamy Honeymoon

After months of wedding planning and preparations, you are both probably exhausted and need a sweet break!

Here on Arabia Weddings we have you covered; click here to check out all our honeymoon tips, trends, and destination guides.

We even have more and more tips to help you have the perfect honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of:

  1. Set Your Budget: Although it is the least fun part about travelling, but you have to get it done in order to enjoy the rest of the trip carefree.
  2. Consider The Season: Make sure you research the weather conditions of your destination during the season you will be visiting. Consider booking during the “Shoulder Season”, which are the few months between high season and low season, when the rates are a bit less, but the weather is still pretty good in your destination.
  3. Check Out The Pools and Beaches: Research the pool at your hotel and nearby beaches before booking your room.
  4. It’s Ok To Have Some Me Time: Your spouse wants to go for a swim while you want to get a massage? Then do it! You don’t have to spend all 24 hours together, a few hours apart will help you refresh and have something to tell your partner about.
  5. Let The World Know: Tell everyone and we mean EVERYONE that you’re on your honeymoon! You will get free favors, giveaways, better tables and maybe even upgrades. Read: “Why You Should Tell Hotels and Airlines You’re On Your Honeymoon
  6. Get Your Ticket For Less: Book your trip midweek to get a cheaper price, usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days of the week for airlines.
  7. Watch the Sunset and Sunrise: Make sure you watch the sunset and sunrise at least once together on your honeymoon. It’s quite romantic!
  8. Ask Strangers to Take Your Pictures: We know you love that selfie stick you bought for your honeymoon, but don’t be shy to ask strangers to take your pictures as well.

We have created a great tool for you to help you pack your suitcases for your honeymoon, have a look at it here.