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Brides Magazine and Virtuoso Select the Top 10 Romantic Destinations of 2012

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Brides Magazine and Virtuoso Select the Top 10 Romantic Destinations of 2012

According to IB Times, Brides Magazine and advisors at Virtuoso, a leading luxury travel network, the best destinations for newlywed couples around the world are the following:

#1 Italy: From sea side country villages to Gondolas of Venice and to the historical sites in Rome, Italy offers world’s best romantic experience enthused with history, adventure, culture, love and beauty.

#2 French Polynesia: This group of French islands is high in mountains and coral reefs. Tahiti is the most popular island in French Polynesia known for its beauty and romantic escapade.

#3 Maui, Hawaii: The Island in the Hawaii state of U.S. offers leisure and adventure travel experiences, as well as, whale watching, active volcanoes, snorkeling, water skiing, golf courses, cruises and more attractions aboard. West and South Maui, an island recognized as the “Best Island in the World”, offers the best tourism spots with the west embracing shopping places, the finest restaurants and resorts, while the south wooing with its miles of sandy beaches and underwater funs.

maui hawaii

#4 Greece: From Athens' architecture and history, to picturesque Greek island of Santorini, Greece abounds in romantic escapades.

#5 Mexico: Cancun, a beach city in Mexico, abounds in resorts offering wedding packages. Cancun Sea is rich in coral reefs that provide other recreational activities.

#4 Bali, Indonesia: The Indonesian resort island of Bali attracts tourists who come for the picturesque surroundings and friendly locals.

#7 Thailand: Thailand’s beaches and islands are known for their romantic charm, and touring the capital city of Bangkok and the beach city Pattaya provides a great value for money for newlywed couples.

#8 Costa Rica: Costa Rica is not just about coasts and beaches, but offers numerous natural wonders. From the beaches of the Pacific to the country’s extensive natural park system, Costa Rica has something for everybody. The country offers eco-tourism, extensive adventure travel experience ranging from white water rafting, hiking, biking and more.

#9 Australia: Sydney is one of the most romantic cities for newlywed couples to discover, according to this survey.

#10 Laos: Laos, a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, offers startling contrasts, from mountainous regions with hill-tribes to little towns with lively markets. According to Virtuoso, Laos is the ideal exotic destination across much of Southeast Asia.


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