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Different Honeymoon Ideas

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Different Honeymoon Ideas

Couples usually get frustrated when it comes to choosing their honeymoon destination. But we came up with this great idea of picking your honeymoon destination according to what you would like to do.

There are many places in the world that offer all these great experiences, but we picked the most popular places in the world.

Swimming with Dolphins: This is a unique experience and very therapeutic.
Where to go:

  • Dubai: Dolphin Bay in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai is one of the world’s most sophisticated dolphin habitats in the world.
  • Akaroa, New Zealand: Akaroa is popular because it’s a little fishing village, Akaroa’s harbor is the home to Hector’s dolphins an extremely rare breed.
  • Bahamas, Grand Bahama: One of the most popular trips is the boat cruise to Sanctuary Bay, the location of the Dolphin Experience Lagoon.

Bungee Jumping: if you’re looking for some adrenalin rush then bungee jumping will definitely have your head spinning.
Where to go:

  • New Zealand, The Pipeline Bungee: The raging river adds to the excitement of the 335ft jump.
  • Dubai: Bungee jumping is practiced all around the city. However, it is in great demand during the spectacular Dubai Shopping Festival.
  • USA, Royal George Suspension Bridge: The incredible height of this bungee jump, 1053 ft/321m, is what makes this a favourite spot.
  • Italy, Ponte Colossus: This 350m bridge is an amazing site. If you can keep it together for the 4.5 seconds for the first part of the fall, the rest will be a breeze.
  • Greece, Corinth Canal: Corinth Canal is the connecting canal between the Peloponnese and the mainland of Greece. But bungee jumping there is time-restricted; you only get to dive during summer.

Whale Watching: A thrilling and unique experience to watch these magnificent animals.
Where to go:

  • New Zealand, Kaikoura: Kaikoura is a world-renowned spot for whale watching because large numbers are attracted here.
  • The Azores: They are a group of nine beautiful volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,500 hundred miles off the coast of Portugal.
  • Canada, St.Lawrence River: Whale watching here means the opportunity to see Minke, Fin, Humpback, Northern Right and Beluga Whales as well as porpoises, dolphins and seals.

Water Rides: If you love water rides and love the excitement of water parks here is where you should go.
Where to go:

  • Brazil, Insano Beach Park: How about plummeting 134 feet at 65mph? Once up their you get a beautiful view of the amazing Brazilian coastline.
  • Slovenia, Aqualoop, Terme 3000: Aqualoop was the first water ride to be built that takes you through a 360 degree turn. You have to be rocket fired to reach a speed of 262 feet per second.
  • Dubai: Visit Wild Wadi and go on Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj, also visit Atlantis and try the Leap of Faith water slide.

Shopping: Get the ultimate shopping experience in the world’s best shopping cities.
Where to go:

  • Bangkok: Whatever your budget or taste, from antiques to fashion to food Bangkok has everything you can possibly imagine.
  • Paris: The city of fashion, where the most glamorous designers are at.
  • London: Every high street store, every designer shop, international stores and small boutiques and market can be found in London.
  • Dubai: The Paris of the Middle East! Not a brand or store is missing in Dubai.
  • Milan: The streets in Milan are actually runways and people are models, enough said.
  • Marrakech: for and ultimate souk experience, Marrakech will amaze you.