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Discover The Magical Kenya On Your Honeymoon

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Discover The Magical Kenya On Your Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon is possibly the most important holiday decision one will ever make.  The choice of where to enjoy your honeymoon moments is yet another test; which one must pass otherwise your plan for romance could remain unfulfilled.

Kenya is a destination that can exceed your expectations for the most memorable moments in time.

It offers the genuine authenticity, romance and excitement that portray the African dream; when you think of Africa, you think of Kenya.

Located near the equator, Kenya offers savannahs teeming with game, cultures as old as time and unchanged by the modern world; forests, snow-capped peaks, deserts, beaches and even coral reefs. 

The full spectrum of luxury hotels, tented camps, and endless opportunities for adventure and breathtaking moments of discovery wrapped with the warmth of the people is what makes your safari unforgettable.

Magical Kenya will leave you truly spoilt for choice! Here are some places to visit while you are there:

  • Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Honeymooners looking for a more adventurous getaway would do well to consider a multi-day route through Kenya's Masai Mara National Game Reserve.  The Masai Mara, one of Kenya's most popular Game Reserves, is home to a stunning variety of animals including the famous "Big 5" of the African grasslands.

It is a world famous facility with the awe-inspiring annual wildebeest migration!



The Masai Mara also presents a wonderful opportunity to exchange vows while aboard a balloon sfari enabling you to traverse the vast savannah, have a wonderful view of the big five, and catch a perfect view of the new 8th wonder of the world; the wildebeest migration among other different species of wildlife.

  • Great Rift Valley, Kenya

The area surrounding Lake Naivasha in Kenya's Great Rift Valley is one of the most spectacular in the country in terms of natural abundance. It's also full of charming colonial-style country hotels where Mother Nature is literally at your doorstep.


The region is home to hundreds of bird species (especially flamingos) and is an ideal starting point to explore attractions like Hell's Gate National Park, an otherworldly terrain of cliffs and volcanoes, as well as the giraffes and zebras of Crater Lake Game Sanctuary. If relaxation is your thing then a spa retreat at Lake Bogoria is the place to be.

  • The Kenyan Coast

Lined with pristine white sand beaches fringing the warm inviting waters of the Indian Ocean, here the wilderness meets the sea, and the ocean itself holds a world of spectacular coral reefs teeming with life and colour.

The coast is a place with a long and exotic history, its calm blue waters, the traditional passage of the Arabian Spice Trade. Along the length of this coast, Arab and Portuguese forts, Old Towns and the overgrown deserted ruins of Swahili outposts, bear witness to this fascinating history.



In the winding medieval streets and bustling markets of Lamu and Mombasa Old Town, life has continued unhurried and unchanged for more than 400 years. This blend of natural beauty and living history creates an exotic paradise unlike anywhere else on earth.


  • Spa and relaxation

Having a spa treatment, be it a simple massage or a hot stone massage that sinks deeper into the muscle tissues, is an excellent way for people to unwind and lower stress levels.

For the leisure traveler, a spa visit helps reduce stress levels and energizes them for the following days’ activities.

Hotels, lodges, camps and other accommodation facilities are becoming more and more aware that a spa facility is now, almost a must!



  • Exclusivity

Want to enjoy exclusive relaxation away from multitudes? Kenya has an opportunity for you. Several top-notch luxury lodges across the country are ready for you. Their exclusivity gives an unrivalled chance to share the pleasures of the moment, exchange vows, dream big and think of the sweet life.

Imagine dining in the wild whilst watching the sun sink over the savanna. There are few evenings as special as those spent around the blazing fire of a tented camp or a dhow for two to a tropical island where lunch is served beneath a palm tree. These things are all in Kenya for you to sample.