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Dos and Don'ts on Your Honeymoon Cruise

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Dos and Don'ts on Your Honeymoon Cruise

Honeymoon cruises are the perfect way to spend time with the one you love. They include everything a couple needs on their honeymoon, from sightseeing to relaxation.

To make sure that you get to enjoy your honeymoon cruise, read these Dos and Don'ts we have prepared for you:

  • Do let them know you are on your honeymoon. Let your travel agent inform your cruise line that you are on your honeymoon; you should also tell your cruise director, waiters and cabin attendants. Why? Because honeymooners usually get special treatments, extras, and free items. It will definitely increase service quality.
  • Do make sure you don't get seasick; don't leave it till the last minute to find out if you are prone to feeling nauseous or woozy when you’re sea-traveling for long periods of time. Instead, check with your doctor and ask about any possible remedies for motion sickness if you do in fact get seasick.
  • Don’t be late. If you go out on your own while the ship is in port, make sure that you know when the ship will be sailing again and be there an hour before that.
  • Do be polite to the crew; the more polite you are the better you are treated and the more willing they are to serve you.
  • Don't over pack, make a list of the items and clothes you will need beforehand to prevent over packing.
  • Do read the itinerary for the next day to make sure that you know what's going on onboard. It will have all the information you need; from shows and special events, to restaurants and set menus.
  • Don't let your guard down. We know your honeymoon is all about enjoying yourself and relaxing with your partner, but you should be smart about it. Don't wear anything too flashy or expensive, don't walk down unlit hallways, make sure you attend the lifeboat drill, find out where the exits are and how to wear a life jacket. And please don't lean over the rails or try to enact the romantic scene of the Titanic movie. It’s not half as good or easy as it seems!
  • Do interact with other people, play games and make new friends. But also make sure that you spend some quality time together alone.

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