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Honeymoon Destination: Nile Cruise

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Honeymoon Destination: Nile Cruise

Planning your wedding and honeymoon arrangements can be overwhelming and pricey.
So if you’re planning your honeymoon on a budget, and can’t spend a lot of money on an expensive trip, how about acruse on the Nile? You’ll get to visit so many places, and save a lot of money.

The trip begins at the wonderful city of Luxor, where you can visit the temples and historic sites, such as the Mummification Museum, Luxor Museum and Valley of the Kings where the tomb of KingTutankhamun was found along with his treasures.

Once in Loxur, you must visit the Karnak Temple, and look at the beautiful pharaonic architecture. You will also enjoy the sound and light shows which are held at night at the temple.


Ancient Egyptians called it “Sono” which means “Market”, as this city was considered a market place for merchants.

When visiting Aswan, there are a few places you have to see:

Elephantine Island: You will see the temple of Khanum and the Tomb of the Sacred Rams, and King Amenhotep the 2nd.
Nubian Museum: Which has more than 5000 antiques.
Abu Simbel Temple: The location was filmed in many Hollywood movies such as James Bond, the temple is also known as Ramesses the 2nd, as it is one of the most beautiful temples built in his era.

You also must visit 2 of the most important cities in Aswan:

KomOmbo was once an important market, including many temples such as KomOmbo Temple, Cola Temple, The Sugar Factoryand Sugar Cane. Don’t forget to taste the delicious mangos, bananas, figs and dates.


As the cruise takes you south, you will be mesmerized by ancient Egypt. You will visit the Horus Temple, which is the 2nd largest temple in Egypt. You can also watch a very interesting show that tells the story of the god Horus.