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Honeymoon Destinations for Food Lovers

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Honeymoon Destinations for Food Lovers

Are you a couple that shares a common love for food? Don't compromise good food for a honeymoon destination. Research shows that more tourists are interested in eating in “rustic surroundings with the locals, than glamorous restaurants” and that more tourists prefer “food typical of the area in which they are staying to international cuisine.”

Food and wine tasting, cooking classes and extraordinary restaurant experiences have always played an important role in traditional gastro destinations like France, Italy and California. The Daily Mail has recently published the best honeymoon destinations for food lovers!

What are those top 5 destinations? Take a look:

South of France: 

Whether you're at a wine tasting, or taking a stroll down the food market, this place has something for every taste bud.

Oaxaca, Mexico: 

If you love Mexican food, bold flavors, and exploring new foods, this is the perfect destination for you!

Tuscany, Italy:

Whether you are a food lover or not, Tuscany is always a beautiful honeymoon destination!

"The region is filled with vineyards, olive groves, restaurants, and bakeries, from the coast to the hills outside Florence."


Explore the historic sights, and walk down one of Istanbul's food markets.

Make sure you visit the legendary spice market, taste and smell all the delicious and exotic spices, and don't forget to order a few cold mezzez with your partner.


"One of the most food-focused destinations around the world, Singapore is the perfect honeymoon for couples searching for something new, like colonial charm mixed with a colorful and varied food scene."

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