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Honeymoon Packing Tips From Martha Stewart

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Honeymoon Packing Tips From Martha Stewart

We all have to admit that Martha Stewart always has some pretty great tips, so why not follow this expert’s tips when it comes to packing for your honeymoon?

Here is how you can pack like a pro:

  • Always pack a rolly: "My arms are extra long from carrying too many things all these years." That's why a good rolling suitcase far outweighs a shoulder bag, she says.
  • Martha takes plastic garment bags from the dry cleaners for her nice pieces. She suggests keeping them right on the hanger, including your pants. When you get to the hotel, hang them up in the closet and they're ready to wear with no wrinkles.
  • She also noted that if it's an extra fancy dress or shirt, you should stuff the sleeves with acid-free tissue.
  • Bundle each outfit by day into hanger groups, and fold them in a Z shape. It'll fit perfectly into your carry-on.
  • Shoes are always placed in shoe bags, toe to heel.
  • Always pack a swimsuit: "I always take a bathing suit. Even if I'm going to Alaska, I'll take it.”
  • Another important item Martha always packs? A shawl. "So many airlines don't give you good blankets anymore, so a warm shawl is invaluable whether you're stuck in cold weather or on a cold airplane."
  • Always organize your toiletries:  "Muji makes great bags for toiletries. Use a small one for a contact lens kit, use a larger one for your electronics, chargers, and adapters." Martha suggests marking your bags and bottles clearly, so you don't wake up in the middle of the night thinking your shampoo is mouthwash. And just to be on the safe side, put your toiletries bag inside a large plastic Ziploc bag in case a shampoo bottle explodes mid flight.
  • Outsmart your luggage: Once your bags are packed and you're ready to jet, Martha suggests tying your zippers shut with a small piece of linen twine for security. Keep it in the outside pocket of your suitcase so you're sure not to lose it. Who would have thought?

Adapted from: Fodor’s Travel

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