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Honeymoon Trend: The Buddymoon

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Honeymoon Trend: The Buddymoon

Many couples are looking for new and fresh honeymoon ideas, and not only when it comes to destinations.

A honeymoon should be a period where both of you celebrate your marriage and have the time of your lives together.

But many couples are now breaking the traditional honeymoon rule of travelling by themselves.

Today young brides and grooms are going on their honeymoons and adding a twist to their trip.

Inspired by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who travelled with their best friends after their wedding, the celebrity couple booked a 5 bedroom residence at Grace Bay Club in Turks and Caicos.


So, would you consider inviting your closest friends to your honeymoon?

Keep in mind the following 3 details:

  • Many couples who have planned a buddymoon have enjoyed their time and had lots of fun.
  • Spending time with your best friends does not mean you won't get time to spend with each other alone.
  • Make sure you plan activities with your friends but also plan some quality and private time with each other alone.