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Honeymoon Trends Among Brides and Grooms

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Honeymoon Trends Among Brides and Grooms

Traditionally honeymoons are 10 days to 2 weeks long; the couple chooses a beautiful destination to spend some quality time together after the wedding.

But it looks like some couples are not afraid to try new things when it comes to choosing the style of their honeymoon.

Here are some ideas on what some couples are also choosing as honeymoons:

Mini-Moon: Busy couples who can’t take enough days off, are choosing to go for a 3 nights trip and postpone the longer and more formal honeymoon until later.

Familymoon: This is not your first marriage? One of you already has a baby? Why not bond together as a family? Like Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth who went on a fun familymoon.

Babymoon: You’re planning to have a child soon? Then why not take one last extravagant trip before it gets all hectic.