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The Most Beautiful Natural Destinations in the Middle East

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The Most Beautiful Natural Destinations in the Middle East

If you’re planning for your honeymoon or a short vacation, and want to go somewhere nice but are on a budget, you don’t have to look too far.

Why not explore the Middle East? There are such beautiful places that you might be overlooking.

According to Metador Trips, these are the most beautiful natural destinations in the Middle East:

#1 Egypt’s White Desert: “In Western Egypt, this desert features thousands of chalk formations and is often visited by tourists on camping trips.”

#2 Saudi Arabia’s Jabal Qarah Caves: “The Al-Hasa Oasis in the country’s eastern province is home to an area of limestone hills, beneath which runs a system of well visited caves.”

#3 Yemen’s Socotra Island: “Located in the Arabian Sea, far from any mainland, Socotra has evolved species that aren’t found anywhere else, such as the red-sapped dragon’s blood tree.”

#4 Mountain Ararat in Turkey: “The 16,850ft Ararat stands in far eastern Turkey, where it borders Armenia and Iran.”

#5 The Dead Sea in Jordan: The Dead Sea is known for not having any living creatures in it, and the astonishing amount of minerals and salts are one of the reasons many tourists come to visit this beautiful and relaxing area.

#6 Mountain Sinai in Egypt: “At the bottom of the Sinai Peninsula is a region of granite and volcanic formations that include the 7,500ft Mountain Sinai, as well as the taller Mountain Saint Catherine (8,625ft).

#7 Nile River in Egypt: “The longest river in the world runs past several historic sites in Egypt on its way to the Mediterranean.”

#8 Wadi Rum in Jordan: “South of Petra, near Aqaba, Wadi Rum is the desert valley featuring Nabatean petroglyphs and several sand stone climbing walls and routes.”

#9 Tortum Waterfall in Turkey: “North Erzurum in eastern Turkey. The Tortum Waterfall was the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Turkey”

#10 Turkey’s Cappadocia Stone Houses: “In Nevaehir in central Turkey, the landscape is dominated by fairy chimneys and multi colored canyons. Starting in Roman times, people carved out many of the chimneys to form living spaces, some of which are hotels.”