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What you Need to Know About ‘All Inclusive’ Honeymoon Cruises

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What you Need to Know About ‘All Inclusive’ Honeymoon Cruises

‘All inclusive’ vacations at resorts around the world have become popular holiday choices for many families, and among honeymooners, particularly cruises.

A cruise can be the answer for couples who are looking for a relaxing honeymoon, yet a very enriching one, as you tend to experience something different every day.

When you book for an ‘all inclusive’ honeymoon cruise, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Is transport from the airport to the cruise liner and vice versa included? 
  • Are tips automatically added to your bill or paid separately? Normally, you will pay your travel agent for flights and the cruise package, but the tip is paid upon check out from the ship. Unlike other optional tips, the cruise tip is not.
  • Are offshore excursions and trips included or do you pay extra for the day trips that you wish to participate in?
  • In an all inclusive package all meals and snacks are normally included. However, you need to ask what beverages are included. 
  • Is 24-hour food service to your cabin available and included?
  • Is there an extra charge when you dine in their upscale restaurants?
  • Is the use of the gym and exercise classes included?

  Do your homework and then have a wonderful time!