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Your Honeymoon Destination: Aruba

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Your Honeymoon Destination: Aruba

Aruba, is one of the most beautiful southern Caribbean, it is even called “One Happy Islands”. So if you’re looking to spend some time soaking up some sun and enjoying your time with your spouse, Aruba is your dream honeymoon destination! 

Smallest but most popular of the ABC trio of the Dutch Islands, Aruba is famous for its white beaches.

Enjoy visiting an Ostrich farm, doing some windsurfing, or spending your day relaxing at the beach.

Here are a few things you can enjoy in Aruba:

Submarine Trip: Take a trip into the ocean together in the Atlantis Submarine.  There are more than enough portholes for everyone to get a close up glimpse of colorful marine life.


Kayaking: Rent a kayak from Aruba Kayak Adventure for a memorable day that starts with a lesson and then leaves you alone together to paddle along and discover the mangroves and caves.


Archeological Museum: “You’ll be amazed at what has been preserved in time in downtown Oranjestad in the historic Ecury family home, now turned into a museum.  Indian artifacts dating back the Pre-Ceramic period of 2500 BC are on display for your discovery. The renovated historic Ecury complex in downtown Oranjestad has been transformed from a family home to a modern museum that preserves Aruba’s Amerindian cultural heritage” explains


Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory: Take a tour through the state-of-the-art Aruba Aloe Factory and see the production process firsthand from aloe vera leaf to finished Aruba Aloe lotions!


ATV Tour: Discover Aruba's landscape on a fully automatic ATV.


Aruba Ostrich Farm: The Aruba Ostrich Farm welcomes you to come and meet its 80-count flock of the largest living species in the world.


Take a look at more stunning images of Aruba: