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Your Honeymoon Destination: Vienna

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Your Honeymoon Destination: Vienna

If you love classical music, history and architecture, you are going to fall in love with Vienna.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria, situated alongside the Danube River in north-east Austria.

Walk the streets that Mozart and Beethoven strolled and visit their houses that are now museums showcasing their belongings.

Here are some of the top places you should visit when you’re in this magical city:

Hofburg Complex: A collection of museums that showcase items from the Hapsburg era.Every Sunday, you can go listen to the Vienna Boys Choir, as they perform at the Hofburg Complex.

Vienna State Opera: Enjoy a fancy evening listening to good music and watching beautiful plays.

Prater: Vienna’s amusement park, with one of the biggest Ferris wheels you will ever see. What is amazing about the giant Ferris wheel is that you can book a wagon and have a candlelight dinner for 2 while enjoying the breathtaking view from above.

Ringstrasse: A boulevard that you can walk through on foot, bike, or take a horse carriage known as ‘Fiacre’, the boulevard is lined with beautiful parks and buildings.

The Sisi Museum: This museum provides you with an insight into the private life of one of the most famous monarchs of all time, Emperor Franz Joseph.

Schonbrunn: Vienna’s most famous palace.

The Schlosspark: Contains a number of architectural masterpieces such as the Palm House and the zoo, which was crowned Europe's best zoo in 2010.

St. Stephen's Cathedral: Located in the heart of the city.

Vienna is also known for its beautiful shopping centers and streets. Our favorites are Graben - Kärntner Strasse, and Mariahilfer Strasse.

Vienna is also known for its picturesque coffee shops and restaurants. Here are a few places you should visit:

Café Sacher: Known for its Sacher-Torte, a rich chocolate cake with apricot jam.

Demel: Located at the Hofburg Palace known for Demeltorte, a chocolate and nougat concoction.

Aida: This coffee shop looks exactly like it did in the 1950’s, with its pink and brown colors, and 50’s-inspired outfits for the waiters, as well as the décor.

Café Central: It was a retreat for Sigmund Freud and Leo Trotsky.

Don’t forget to try out the chicken or beef Schnitzel, along with the famous potato salad.