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Horoscope Spotlight: Cancer June 21 - July 22

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Horoscope Spotlight: Cancer June 21 - July 22

Cancers have a highly emotional nature, they are very caring, generous and intuitive.

Cancer can adapt easily when they have to but prefer to change things on their own terms.

They are creative and love to collect souvenirs as memories.

Element: Water

Ruled By:  Moon

Birthstone: Pearl

What does your horoscope have to say about your love life this month?

According to astrologist  Maggie Farah:

"You will have many promises to keep you positive and happy this year, whatever was the reason holding you back is now the reason you feel motivated."

And according to Carmen Shammas: 

"This year is filled with opportunities, but you must act responsible and logical. It is a good year for you and it is filled with surprises as well."