How to Be a Gentleman

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How to Be a Gentleman

There are some chivalry skills that women always love, and some men tend to forget.
Here are a few skills that will impress your fiancé:

#1 Stand up when greeting her: This will show your respect for her.
#2 Be seated last: You should always wait for her to get comfortable before you do.
#3 Give up your seat: If she’s looking for a seat or there aren't any, give her yours.
#4 Give her your arm: Give her your arm to hold when walking to and from places.
#5 Walk on the outside of the sidewalk: She will definitely appreciate it.
#6 Don’t interrupt while she is talking: Be a good listener.
#7 Walk beside her when going up or down the stairs.
#8 Pick up what she drops: Don’t let her trouble herself.
#9 Ask her if she needs anything: Offer your help and make it seem like it’s your pleasure to help her out.
#10 Give her your jacket: Yes you might be cold too, but giving her your jacket to wear will definitely impress her.