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How to Boost Your Bridal Body Confidence in 3 Steps

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How to Boost Your Bridal Body Confidence in 3 Steps

Every bride dreams of how she’s going to look like on her wedding day. The minute you are officially engaged (if not sooner!) you start to brose different website, look through magazines and start fantasizing about your look on the big day.

You’ll definitely come across diet plans and makeover tips, and even your mom might start giving you some advice. It’s only normal to start feeling the pressure pile up on your shoulders about your body appearance.

Here’s what we think! How about you focus less on your flaws, and more on your fantastic features? Here’s how…

Think Healthy, Be Healthy: Start eating healthier. Don’t go for any crash diets, but instead of having a burger from MacDonald’s, for example, how about you make your own? And ditch the fries for some yummy home-made baked potatoes. With regular exercise and healthy eating habits, you will feel beautiful inside out.

Flaunt What You Have: We all have body parts we hate, some want longer legs, others want a flat tummy, but why not focus on the things we do like? Whether it’s your beautiful hair, curves or smile, focus on what you like about yourself.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Models: We all know that pictures of models in magazines and bridal photo shoots have a lot of professional retouching done to them, so start being more realistic and embrace your natural beauty.

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