4 Dos and Don’ts For Your Bridal Accessories

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4 Dos and Don’ts For Your Bridal Accessories

Many brides focus on their dress, hair and makeup, but forget about their bridal accessories.

The first thing to do after buying your dress is finding the perfect accessories for it to complete your look on your wedding day.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you complete your bridal look:

  • DO add a belt:

Make your dress unique by trying on different styles of belts, especially if your dress is simple, a belt can add a glamorous touch to it.

  • DO mix metals:

Your accessories don’t need to match your ring, if your ring is silver you can definitely wear gold or colored earrings, and vice versa.

  • DON’T overdo it:

Yes, sparkly accessories are beautiful and you are the bride after all so you can rock some sparkly pieces but keep the pieces simple, and don’t wear chandelier earrings with a big statement necklace.

  • DON’T be too trendy:

You can be a modern bride but without being too trendy that you look at your pictures in 5 years and think “What Was I Thinking?” try to go for a timeless look with a touch of trendiness.