Colored Gems on Your Wedding Day

Colored Gems on Your Wedding Day

Look as dazzling as a gem on your wedding day; break the tradition of wearing pearls or white diamonds. This year is all about change, innovation and color.

Not sure which gem suits you more? Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby? Well, think no more, we've got this covered!

To make it easier (and fun) for you, select your stone according to your month of birth:

January Birthstone: Garnet l Color: Deep Red


February Birthstone: Amethyst l Color: Purple


March Birthstone: Aquamarine l Color: Pale Blue



April Birthstone: Diamond l Color: White, Clear


May Birthstone: Emerald l Color: Green



June Birthstone: Pearl l Color: White



July Birthstone: Ruby l Color: Red



August Birthstone: Peridot l Color: Yellow Green



September Birthstone: Sapphire l Color: Deep Blue



October Birthstone: Opal l Color: Multi-Colored




November Birthstone: Citrine l Color: Yellow



December Birthstone: Blue Topaz l Color: Blue



So, you have selected your gem for your wedding day (and we mean here your jewelry), check these tips out on how to assess these colored stones:

Color: the color saturation of the stone should be deep but yet has sparkle. Colored stones should always sparkle in the light.

Clarity: Clear stones should allow the light to enter; flawed stones usually stop the light from sparkling.

Cut: the cuts should be symmetrical and have no scratches or chatters. And it should also catch the light from all angles.

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