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Diva 2015 Collection - The Ultimate Italian Femininity

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Diva 2015 Collection - The Ultimate Italian Femininity

The 2015 Diva collection by BVLGARI has been enriched with 26 new creations, in every shade of the gemstone rainbow. Carved, like a precious gem, into radiant new facets of the Diva spirit, the collection reflects the multiple styles, moods and attributes of a woman. In hypnotic new hues, its jewels enchant with sensual lines, recalling the feminine silhouette: Diva is the ultimate of Italian femininity.

Captivated by the magnetism and the beauty of a diva, Bulgari captures her allure within its Diva collection. Dating through the decades, Bulgari has been inseparable from the most exquisite celebrities, since the Dolce Vita era, when film stars discovered their love for the Italian jeweller. With a mutual admiration, Diva was created, a shimmering Bulgari collection that captures the glamour, exalts the grace, and reflects the radiance of today’s favourite divas.

  • Shades of femininity:

The dazzle that makes a woman a diva is embodied by Diva jewels, arching with design and ever-more eclectic interpretations. A charismatic woman is many things: strength, sensuality, audacity, and radiance. Yet some days she is pensive, or festive, sophisticated, laid-back, creative, seductive. A woman is never the same: a woman is ever in evolution.

Diva jewels reflect a woman’s mood, her style or her occasion. The collection is divided into different expressions of itself, its spectrum of colours enriched with hard stone possibilities and the iconic shape is being used in the most creative combinations. With every trademark design incorporating the emblematic Diva shape, the collection has become iconic to Bulgari. As the gemstone signature of femininity, each Diva creation reflects the multiple facets of a woman.

View more pictures of this exquisite collection here!


  • A shapely signature

Since it first hit the world stage, Diva has become a Bulgari icon, recognisable by its emblematic shape. Curved into the signature of Bulgari heritage, Diva design is entrenched in the deep roots of Roman history. Embellishing its modern approach with a form of ancient beauty, Bulgari Diva reinterpreted the arced patterns that decorate the famed Roman Baths of Caracalla, built in 216 AD. With the 2700 years of ancient history that preceded it, Bulgari has always created contemporary renditions of the Eternal City: Rome is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. As such, the Bulgari Diva embodies the Roman finesse and its sensual signature almost recalls the curved silhouette of Italian femininity.

  • Pure elegance

For the everyday look, Diva gleams as a bright assortment of Diva pendants, worn as magical little talismans, a colourful dose of luck. Understated and chic, the diva who has mastered such effortless elegance is a marvel: she makes it look easy. Renditions of these easy-to-wear Diva creations feature brilliant stones of turquoise, lapis lazuli or coral rubrum, as they dangle from playful pendants, and sparkle with a dash of diamond. Or, this colourful tier combines deep carnelian with ethereal models of mother-of-pearl, to entwine the finger with a wink of pavé diamonds. Capitalising on the pure elegance of gold and diamonds, dressier versions of these earrings, pendants and rings can accompany casual or elegant looks.  Trademark Bulgari style is arced into every piece, a treasure of chic to keep forever.


Few more pictures of the Diva collection here!

  • Cosmopolitan charisma

With style and flair, this new Diva tier defines distinction. This woman knows what she wants and who she is, as she is charisma itself. This diva is dynamic, carefree, maybe a bit rebellious – she sets the trend. With contrasting colours and combinations of carnelian, lapis lazuli and malachite, this style is complex, contemporary, and absolutely captivating. The swinging pendant earrings that curve turquoise with onyx are also splashed with diamonds set against white gold. This Diva tier makes a statement with jewellery. Its curvaceous contraire rings are wrapped with contrasting stones, onyx and mother-of-pearl or mother-of-pearl and pavé diamonds. Meanwhile, with an urban edge, the diva creatively entwines her sautoir per her look: a vintage-length necklace, wrapped twice around the neck, or wound as a bracelet. The contemporary sautoir recalls the vintage ages of divas who set the stage for sophistication. The charisma diva mixes and matches the colours per her mood, playing with her style as she fills the world with her mystery.

  • Glamour and glitz

Sensuality and sophistication reign supreme in the garden of glamour. This tier of Diva jewels rules with floral elegance, shimmering with pavé diamonds against the gleam of pink or white gold. The Diva shapes arc into an almost flower-like shape, blooming with the most precious of petals and delicate of curves. With seduction and elegance, the “diamond rose petals” fan into renditions of rings, earrings and necklaces that burst with Bulgari style. Immediately recognisable as Diva, they have put a floral twist on the classic shape and turned it into something alive and very romantic. The glamour of this Diva is fascinating, magnetic and a true representative of the Diva’s multifaceted soul.