How to Get a Bigger Diamond Ring Like Sofia Vergara

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How to Get a Bigger Diamond Ring Like Sofia Vergara

Glamour magazine shared a very interesting wedding ring trick! And we couldn’t resist sharing it with our brides-to-be.

This trick is inspired by the beautiful Sofia Vergara, as her ring lies flat against her finger, the setting is not like the typical setting of a diamond cut ring.

“Generally speaking, %50 to %60 of the diamond’s depth is below the girdle, the part where the diamond is widest.” –Glamour.

“A traditional diamond would stick up from your finger, where Sofia’s is more low-profile.”


Also a rose-cut diamond is totally flat on the bottom, like Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring.


“Because you see more of the diamond, it looks bigger. And because the flat part rests against your hand, the setting has a lower profile, it doesn’t stick up as much.”

“Shallow stones aren’t as brilliant, because of the way the light hits them, they’re considered less valuable, so they cost less. So if you value size over sparkle, choosing a ring with a shallow diamond (or a rose-cut diamond) will get you more, size-wise, for your money.”