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Vintage Jewelry for Your Wedding

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Vintage Jewelry for Your Wedding

Vintage and antique jewelry is still very much in style. So why not incorporate your modern bridal look with vintage jewelry for a romantic and elegant look? You can definitely find a few vintage pieces and jewelry boutiques in most Arab cities, but be careful, some can be really expensive.

Another option you have is to wear your mom or grandmother's jewelry! Many mothers or grandmothers give these valuable and personal items to their daughters and granddaughters. Go search in their drawers or trunks! If you are lucky enough to inherit or borrow a beautiful pearl necklace or earrings, or a beautiful vintage bracelet, try them on with your wedding dress and see how they look.

You might like the idea of wearing something your mom or grandmother gave you, but still be quite unsure of whether it goes with your dress or not. Solution? Alter it! Add a modern brooch or pendant to your vintage necklace, or colored stones to your earrings. Or combine the vintage item that you have with another more modern piece of jewelry, whatever suits your style best.