Beautiful Trinity Wedding Rings

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Beautiful Trinity Wedding Rings

Why wear one ring when you can wear three? Trinity wedding rings are stylish, elegant, and timeless. And brides of 2020 are loving trinity wedding rings.

Every bride has her own style when it comes to choosing her wedding ring, as some like extravagant wedding rings, while others prefer simple and minimal wedding rings.

Louis Cartier created the Trinity ring in 1924, and soon enough the Trinity Ring has become one of the most popular rings in the world. Three bands, intertwined in a display of mystery and harmony.

Trinity rings have been away for a while now but they are definitely back with a vengeance!

Many royals and celebrities love the Trinity Ring including Princess Diana and Nicole Scherzinger.

Trinity rings come in different designs and colors, you can either choose your trinity ring in one color or metal, or a combination for example of rose gold, gold, and silver.

Take a look at these beautiful trinity wedding rings.