Men’s 2013 Style Resolution

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Men’s 2013 Style Resolution

Men’s Health Magazine, has asked a few style and grooming experts for their 2013 resolution.

What did the experts have to say?



John Varvatos
Designer, John Varvatos


“My wish for 2013 is that men create their own style. Dump the uniform and those square-toed shoes and build an individual style around your own personality.”

Brian Boye
Fashion and Grooming Director, Men’s Health

“I hope we all pay more attention to the finer points in our grooming routine. We’re so focused on the big picture we sometimes forget the little things. Keep your neck hair trimmed between cuts. It makes a world of difference. Make sure your nails and cuticles are in check. Floss. And did I mention ear and nose hair? Someone had to.”

Alexander Olch
Designer, Alexander Olch

"Be more original. Make some changes, create contrast. Mix something formal with something casual. Wear a necktie with an unbuttoned-down collar, a bow-tie with an un-tucked shirt. Try something different for 2013."

Durand Guion
Men’s Fashion Director, Macy’s

“My style wish for men in 2013 is to try one new fashion trend. A colored chino, a slim suit, a floral shirt, a stack of fabric bracelets or a colored sole shoe.”

Dr. Dennis Gross
Dermatologist, DG Skincare

“In the New Year, men should be more diligent about using anti-aging products to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I tell my patients to keep it simple — find one multitasking product (such as an anti-ager & moisturizer) and apply it like an aftershave all over the face. It's an easy addition to your skincare routine with long-term benefits.”

Todd Snyder
Designer, Todd Snyder

"It's time for all of us men to be 'gentleman.' When in doubt, always dress up, wear a tie, add a pocket square and invest in great shoes — you will have them for five years if you take care of them. And please throw away the square-toed shoes."