Men's Guide to a New Wardrobe in 11 Steps

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Men's Guide to a New Wardrobe in 11 Steps

Whether you're getting married or simply renewing or upgrading your wardrobe, we have some tips to make your life easier and while we're at it, a few trend updates…

#1 Pile up the used, stained or too small items in your closet and make a list of them so you can replace them with new ones, especially your basics, e.g. socks, boxers, t-shirts.

#2 This season, try navy blue suits, blazers and pants.

#3 Invest in a travel or tote bag. And no they are not too feminine! You will need it for short vacations and trips. Why not travel in style?
For example this military tote by Uggs is great for traveling and very masculine!

#4 Buy a new bathing suit/swimming trunks. This time pick a pair a few inches above the knee.

#5 Never wear topsiders/loafers with socks! If you have sweaty feet, wash them, dab a little baby powder and you're ready to go.

#6 Thinking of getting a denim jacket? If you are wearing a shirt under it, keep the collar under the jacket's collar.

#7 Consider trying lighter suits, in fabric and color.

#8 Don't be afraid to mix and match! Buy items that you can wear alone or with other items!

#9 If you’re feeling adventurous, one of this season's hottest trends are shoes with colored soles!

#10 Invest in a pair of designer sunglasses! And pick a pair that suits you and yet is classic, to go with every season.

#11 Colored jeans are also trending this season. Pick a pair of light blue or dark green and use as basic colors.

These 11 tips and trend updates should keep you looking sharp and feeling comfy all summer!