Not Just a Suit: Alessandro Baraldo Talks About Pal Zileri Suits

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Not Just a Suit: Alessandro Baraldo Talks About Pal Zileri Suits

Pal Zileri brings together a blend of elegance and vitality along with an awe-inspiring entrepreneurial favor. Aspiring for excellence in every stitch, the business that drives Pal Zileri is founded on ethics, passion and skill, and it is this balance that the Italian fashion house finds its success.

Manal Hijazi from UMEN Magazine interviewed Alessandro Baraldo, who worked at Zileri's for 15 years and is currently the Consulting Technician for the Made to Measure department, to get the scoop on everything suit-related.

Here is what Alessandro had to say:

"I personally believe that 3 things make a nice suit:#1 Visually: The cut is what makes a nice suit.#2 Fabric: You can only understand when you touch it.#3 Manufacturing: This is intangible, but can be noticed and felt after wearing the suit for a long time and after cleaning it."

"Shirts, belts, cufflinks and shoes are considered accessories, and accessories nowadays are very important components of clothing because they can add a lot to the look and have the ability to change it completely. When we do made-to-measure, we always try to give different looks to the suits by accessorizing and paying attention to different details.The made-to-measure suits are considered very special because they are customized for that one person and we always try to make them unique by personalizing them."

"Pal Zileri has 3 different quality standard levels:#1 The Pal Zileri label which is the quality known around the world.#2 The Sartoriale Line, which is Pal Zileri's handmade line and is considered the best in terms of quality and manufacturing.#3 Combining the Sartoriale with the most luxurious fabrics of the Made to Measure, such as Scabal, Dormeuil and Loro Piana, we can offer some of the best quality garments in the world."

"I started the Made to Measure experience in Jordan a year ago after Pal Zileri opened in Amman. The customers I work with in Jordan are very passionate about making unique garments and they think that Pal Zileri is the right company for fulfilling this need."

Adapted from: UMEN Magazine

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